We (well technically it’s just me right now, but there will be more of us soon!) study how populations evolve at the genomic level.

Our work focuses on living populations (mostly butterflies, but other things too), undergoing processes like speciation, adaptation and demographic change.

Some of the questions we think about are:
What is the role of natural selection in driving the emergence of new species?
What are the consequences of hybridisation between emerging species?
How does the structure and organisation of the genome affect these processes?

Our day-to-day work involves bioinformatic analyses of genomic data, some butterfly breeding, and occasional field trips in tropical places!



Institute of Evolutionary Biology
The University of Edinburgh
Ashworth Laboratories
Charlotte Auerbach Road
Edinburgh EH9 3FL, UK

Email: simon.martin[at]ed.ac.uk

Twitter: @simonhmartin


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